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Good Times Guide Service Hunting Information

Available for purchase from Colorado Parks and Wildlife online here:

Licenses are available at many sports retailers with an electronic license terminal.



  • PROOF OF HUNTER EDUCATION is REQUIRED if you were born after January 1st, 1949.  You must check with Colorado
  • Parks and Wildlife to see if your State hunting license is proof enough.
  • A single day License ($11 for the first day, $5 each additional day) or annual small game license
  • A Required Colorado State Habitat Stamp if an annual license is purchased (included with a 1-day license, and up to 2-days additional 1 day license purchases but required for purchase after the 3rd).
  • A Colorado State Waterfowl Stamp ($5.00) is available directly from the license agent
  • A Federal Waterfowl Stamp ($15.00) is available directly from the license agent
  • A harvest information program (H.I.P.) number (free at http://www.colohip.com)

Most hunts are planned on a full-day basis (or until your legal daily bag limit is reached).  Full day means beginning of legal shooting light to the end of legal shooting light as defined in the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regulations brochure for the current year and season you will be hunting.   Hunts that are half day hunts are teal hunts and dove hunts.  Those hunts last from the beginning of legal shooting light until 12:00 noon.

You do not need a license to fish on our properties.  The lakes are registered as private with the State so you are not required to obtain a fishing license.  These trips are always held during the most seasonal time of the year.  These trips can range from seasonably warm to scorching hot 100 degree + days.  Please dress for sun exposure (bring large brim hats, sun clothing, and bug repellent / sunglasses, and of course plenty of water.  We can provide angling equipment and bait / lures if you don’t already have them.

These hunts are usually seasonably warm hunts.  Can be chilly in the morning, and can see some occasional rain, but generally very mild and nice weather.  Bring sunscreen, water, and bug repellent.  Large brim hats / sunglasses are recommended, and light camouflage clothing, and a stool or bucket are also recommended.  Shot sizes #7.5’s or 8’s are recommended with modified or open chokes.  12 or 20 gauge lead or steel shot, plan on 4 boxes of shells.  The dove daily bag limit is 15 birds.   You only need a small game license and a HIP number to hunt doves.

Weather can be very hot in the summer months, to sub-zero in the winter months.  Waders are not necessary, but sometimes recommended.  Check with your guide.  Shot sizes range from #4 (teal & small ducks) to #2’s (larger ducks / diving ducks).  Shot needs to be non-toxic and we recommend you have two boxes (50 rounds). You will need clothing that can withstand weather fluctuations; camouflage water resistant clothing in layers is recommended.  Good head gear is also recommended with good warm water resistant or waterproof footwear.  Be prepared with sunscreen and bug spray during early fall hunts, and make sure you have water and snacks for the duration of your hunt.  Duck limit is 6 birds (5 of which can be mallards), and the teal limit is 6 in the early season.

These hunts generally take place in the late fall through late winter.  Expect cold and inclement weather.   Dress in warm (preferably camouflage) layers, with appropriate headwear and footwear.  Though blinds will be very comfortable and mostly heated, there are some situations where we will hunt layout blinds, and your guide will let you know if that is the case so you can make adjustments.  Plan on a full day hunt and bring snacks and drinks for your personal needs.  We recommend 12, 10, or 20 gauge shotguns with #2’s for ducks or closer geese and BB’s for goose only hunts.  Modified to full chokes are recommended.   The daily bag limit for Canada Geese is 5 birds, and the limit for ducks is 6 in total (5 of which can be mallards).


If you’re from out of town and you are looking for local lodging, we recommend the following places which also offer discounted rates to our customers:

The Windsor Inn  / Super 8:  1-970-686-5996
AmericInn: 1-970- 226.1232
We offer military discounts, youth discounts, and corporate rates.  We can often accommodate persons with physical disabilities as well.  For any other comments / concerns / questions, please call Tad directly at the office (970) 674-9811, cell (970) 381-7363, or via email info@goodtimesguides.com
Call Good Times Guide Service to book your Colorado bird hunt or fishing trip at 970-674-9811